How to make a healthy grilled cheese

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Grilled cheese sandwiches are a staple in many households, but they’re not always the healthiest option. However, with a few simple swaps and additions, you can make a delicious and nutritious grilled cheese sandwich. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make a healthy grilled cheese, from choosing the right bread and cheese to adding veggies and protein.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Choosing the Right Bread
  • Selecting the Best Cheese
  • Adding Veggies and Protein
  • Cooking Tips for a Perfect Grilled Cheese
  • Healthier Alternatives to Traditional Grilled Cheese
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Choosing the Right Bread

The bread you choose can make a big difference in the nutrition of your grilled cheese. Opt for whole-grain bread instead of white bread, which is more processed and lacks nutrients. Whole-grain bread is rich in fiber and nutrients like vitamins B and E. Additionally, whole-grain bread has a lower glycemic index, which means it doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Selecting the Best Cheese

While cheese is an essential component of a grilled cheese sandwich, some types are better for you than others. Avoid processed cheese products and opt for real cheese, which is a good source of calcium and protein. Choose cheese that has a strong flavor, so you don’t need to use as much. Some great options include sharp cheddar, Swiss, and feta cheese.

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Adding Veggies and Protein

Adding veggies and protein to your grilled cheese can increase its nutritional value and make it more satisfying. Try adding sliced tomatoes, spinach, or avocado for some extra nutrients. You can also add some lean protein like turkey, chicken, or ham to make it more filling. Just make sure not to overload your sandwich with too many ingredients, as this can make it difficult to cook.

Cooking Tips for a Perfect Grilled Cheese

To cook the perfect grilled cheese, use a non-stick pan or griddle and preheat it over medium heat. Spread some butter or olive oil on one side of each slice of bread and place one slice, butter side down, in the pan. Add your cheese and any additional ingredients, and top with the other slice of bread, butter side up. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side, until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown.

Healthier Alternatives to Traditional Grilled Cheese

If you’re looking for an even healthier alternative to traditional grilled cheese, try these options:

  • Use whole-grain pita bread instead of sliced bread
  • Swap cheese for hummus or avocado
  • Make a grilled cheese with sweet potato slices instead of bread
  • Use low-fat cheese or vegan cheese


Grilled cheese sandwiches don’t have to be unhealthy. By making a few simple swaps and additions, you can create a nutritious and delicious grilled cheese sandwich that everyone will love.


  1. Is grilled cheese healthy? While traditional grilled cheese sandwiches are not the healthiest option, you can make a healthier version by using whole-grain bread, real cheese, and adding veggies and protein.
  2. Can I use vegan cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich? Yes, you can use vegan cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich. Look for vegan cheese that melts well, so your sandwich will still have that gooey texture.
  3. Can I make a grilled cheese sandwich without butter? Yes, you can make a grilled cheese sandwich without butter. Instead, use olive oil or a non-stick cooking spray to prevent sticking.
  4. How many calories are in a grilled cheese sandwich? The number of calories in a grilled cheese sandwich depends on the type of bread, cheese, and additional ingredients used.

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